Why should my museum join Artific?

Artific allows your museum to reach more people with your digital collection – and most probably the ones you would not be able to reach yourself. Moreover, Artific can help you monetize your digitized artworks. We will be more than happy to built in a link to your online shop provided it is all in the metadata. And it's free! You wonder why? Read more about the project

How can my museum join Artific?

  1. You have digitized some artworks, prepared the metadata and published them under a licence conformant with the principles set forth in the Open Definition.
  2. You send us (hello@artific.app) information including the link to the metadata set, information on the licence (of both metadata and the images) and a contact person.
  3. We look at your metadata and get back to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us! hello@artific.app. We speak english, german and polish.